About the Journal

As our title suggests, our articles focus on the material aspects of textile making and use, including loom-woven textiles, non-loom textiles and non-woven materials such as bark-cloth, and their associated material and social functions. The intended readership consists of scholars and lay-people with an interest in textiles.

The journal is Open Access (free to read and download). At present there is no fee for publication.

Articles must contain original material, in addition to necessary background and references to previous research. It is the responsibility of authors to ensure that they have the necessary permissions to use and publish the images that they supply.

We welcome and expect high-quality illustrations (photographs, tables, drawings).

There is no length restriction, but we expect articles to be concisely written, with a minimum of unnecessary jargon, particularly as our readership is an international one. Necessary technical terms related to weaving, scientific analysis, terms in local languages (in italics) etc. are welcomed.

We welcome articles from scholars with English as a second language. We provide basic English correction, but we are not able to accept articles where the meaning is not clear or a complete re-write would be required by our editors. We encourage contributors to seek input from a native English speaker to help with the drafting process.

We do not publish articles of the following types: reviews (except by invitation), very general topics (eg “The State of Handicrafts in XYZ”), contemporary studio weaving, travelogues, hobby weaving, articles that have been published elsewhere in slightly different form.