Children’s Book Project

The Story Cloth Series

Every year, we aim to produce one children’s book that highlights a particular textile tradition. These books are written for young readers of the age of 4-8 years, to encourage their curiosities about the rich textile heritages around the world. Our first book, Mea and the Palm Flowers, was published in December 2021. It is a delightful introduction about the role of textiles as a form of cultural memory. The story is told through the eyes of a young girl in the island of Savu, Indonesia, a place that is famous for its ikat tradition. The book is not only charming – it is an accurate portrayal of Savu textile traditions and festivals, with input from a Savu weaver (Ice Dara) and an anthropologist (Geneviève Duggan). The author and illustrator are based in Surabaya, Indonesia. This year’s book is also a fundraising for the Tewuni Rai’s weavers group in Savu. Half of all sale proceeds is donated to the weavers. The book and E-book are available at