Museum Tekstil Jakarta

Online library Catalogue Project (2019 – 2020)

The Museum Tekstil Jakarta is the flagship museum for textile arts not only for Jakarta but for the whole of Indonesia. Its mission is to promote studies and practices of Indonesian textiles through engagements with textile specialists and the general public. Over the years, the museum has developed close partnerships with various local textile groups and successfully built rigorous exhibition and workshop programs. Regarding physical holdings, the museum houses a significant-sized collection of textiles (over 2500 pieces), textile-related tools, looms, and around 3500 books.

Project Goal

The Online Library Catalog Digitization Project aims to provide a digital platform where the library collections can be searchable by the public. In the future, anybody can locate the books they need, and then make an appointment with the librarian for a reading visit.


Starting from January 2019, we worked closely with the Jakarta Museum and NOESA and raised $ 3400. With this fund, we hired a project manager, a computer programmer to install the OPAC library database, and an intern to standardize data entries. We also secured a three-year subscriptions for the hosting of website and domain name for the next three years. This project was completed in August 2020.