The Hampton Archive Project

The Collection

The Hampton Archive is comprised of artifacts and documentation collected by Dr. O. W. Hampton in the Highlands of Papua over an 18-year period (1982-1999). There are approximately 1000 artifacts from daily and ritual lives, which include many stone tools, accessories, and very rare textile materials such as spider-web cloths and looped fiber bags. In addition, there are more than 20,000 color slides, 200 sounds recordings on cassette tape made in the field, and meticulous research notes. The Tracing Patterns Foundation is committed to preserving this important collection for future generations. We will conserve the artifacts, scan and digitize the information, and make them available free to the public.

The Work

This is a multi-year project, where we aim do the following: Document and preserve the Hampton Archive. This will involve photographing, cataloguing, and re-housing the artifacts with its associated photographs and notes. Carry out research in collaboration with other scholars and produce a catalogue of the collection. Find a permanent home of the collection.

Our Project Patrons

Christopher Buckley

Yin Cai

Mary Connors

Craig Diamond

Joady Gorelick

Hok Pui Leung & Sally Yu Leung

Fleur Hampton

Hollis Hampton

Virginia Hampton

Scott Hollander

Clare King

Susan Miller

Thomas Murray

Virginia Postrel

Sandra Sardjono

Felicity Wood

Weihua Yan